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One thing I enjoy is the vast amounts of model submissions we get at KENNEDY MANAGEMENT every day. The reality of these submissions is that we may really find interest in 1 of 20 submissions. The diamonds in the rough tend to surface from time to time. Putting each model through a calculate test shoot can be challenging at times due to schedule overload, conflict, or timing into the process. The last few models that have actually been accepted by the Kennedy Models screening have earned their position on a formal test shoot, and the results have been promising. Just recently a submission by the name of Molly with no experience to the industry received her first test shoot. After some initial light testing she was given direction in her first introduction to Fashion Studio 101, and she earned her next step in the process for her final testing next month.

More importantly then being a beauty at the age of 16 standing 5'10, she is a dynamic talent studing classical violin at a prestigious school in New Orleans. A model with content, character, humiilty, & substance. These don't come very often. Here are a few images from her test.




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